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Kia Brand History


Kia is a South Korean automobile manufacturing corporation that was founded in 1944 and was the one to produce first Korea’s bicycle in 1951s Today Kia is one of the largest car manufacturers in Asia, which distributes its vehicles across the globe. Meaning and history The name of the company, KIA, can be translated from Korean as “the rise of Asia”. The KIA was always striking to be the first and the best representative of its country on the international market. The company changed a lot of activities before it started manufacturing cars and its visual identity history shows every [...]

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Volvo Brand History


Volvo is a Swedish brand of luxury cars manufacturer. The company was founded in 1927 by the SKF Financial Group. In 1999 the brand was sold to Ford, and today Volvo is one of the most popular and respected for its high-quality car producers in the world. Meaning and history The name “Volvo” means “I roll” in Latin. It was registered by SKF as a trademark for ball bearings, 12 years before the automobile company was established. The brand is pretty conservative with its visual identity and still uses the emblem, which was created at the very beginning of the [...]

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Ford Brand History


Ford cars are well known throughout the world as fairly simple and reliable. As for the logo, it has, thanks to its immutability since 1927, become one of the most recognizable in the world. Meaning and history The Ford trademark was registered in 1903 in Europe and in 1909 in the USA. And, since 1903, the company presents a logo in the shape of an oval. He was invented by the chief engineer and he is the designer of the company, Charles Wils. True, the logo looks more like an extravagant vignette, but this is facilitated by the then prevailing [...]

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Mazda Brand History


Mazda is a Japanese brand of a car manufacturer, which was established in 1929 in Hiroshima by Jujiro Matsuda. The company presented its first automobile in 1931. Today it is one of the top 15 automakers in the world by volume and one of the most selling car brands in Asia and Russia. Meaning and history The brand’s name is derived from the name of its founder, Jujiro Matsuda, which European pronunciation is Mazda. But it also has another meaning — in Asian civilizations, there is a god of harmony, wisdom, and light, Ahura Mazda. The brand’s founder was a [...]

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